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How It Works

What to Expect When you partner with KMS2

Our Simple 3-Step Process

Initial Site Visit

One of our experienced security professionals will meet with you to discuss your individual security needs. We will then schedule a visit your location and perform a thorough walk-through to determine the best solution for you.

Customize Your Security Solution

Once our team has had a chance to review any existing security in place as well as your individual needs, we’ll create a solution that is tailored specifically to your home or business. This is no off-the-shelf security system. It is customized for you.


With your custom system in hand, our team of expert installers will return to your home or business to install your solution and walk you through how to use it.

Your Security Options Include:

Camera Options

We offer a wide variety of camera views and options to suit your needs. Among the camera options available are: night vision, low light, infrared, pan, tilt, zoom, panoramic views, 360°, 180° and fisheye views, portable and dash cameras

Premium Features

These aren’t ordinary cameras. Premium options include: electronic fencing, motion detecting, tracking, solar powered battery capacity, vision up to 8 miles away, doorbell monitoring systems and doorbell intercom systems

Hardware Options

You can choose from such options as: 7 or 10 year warranty on camera casing, software updates & replacements on compliant older cameras (including possible analog updates), wireless and wired cameras, wifi enabled cameras and covert cameras

Powerful Applications

Our desktop and mobile monitoring apps options include: smart phone mobile alerts through your security tracking application, email alerts, snapshots of alert issues and CCTV capabilities


Our software solutions are made in the USA and all updates are done in-house. The cameras are tailor made to our customer’s needs, then tied directly to the software, giving you a truly customized solution.

Monitoring Service

If you’re looking for added protection, we offer a premium monitoring service to our customers. Our team of experts will alert you to any potential security issues, and be your eyes and ears, day or night.

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